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A Patients Perspective: Is Your Head on Straight?

A website developed primarily as an information website for people desperately searching for answers to their medical conditions.

Trigeminal Neuralgia, the suicide disease:

TN affects millions of people with a severe facial pain. James Tomasi averted death in 1997, with Upper Cervcial Care, after battling it for 12 years. He and Rhonda Tomasi detail their story in the book “what TIME Tuesday?”

Upper Cervical Care:

A natural approach to health care that focuses on the top two bones in the neck. The focus is locating the source of your condition and not just the pain itself.

The Power Of Upper Cervical:

Countless patients have reported having their health restored through Upper Cervical Care. Every breath you take, every heart beat, wiggling of your fingers, to eye sight, to emotional feelings, to energy, to pain, to disease…even depression, is controlled by your massive computer system…Your brain & brain stem.

Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic

The official website of the Atlas Orthogonal Technique. To learn more about Atlas Orthogonal, and to locate an Atlas Orthogonist in a different state, please visit:

Dynamic Chiropractic Online (ChiroWeb):

Provides extensive articles on chiropractic care and wellness. Includes a searchable database and numerous organizational tools for researching specific topics.

Chiropractic Pediatrics:

Provides numerous articles and research on pregnancy, birth, and childhood health concerns.

Planet Chiropractor:

Offers an advanced Search tool to find articles and information in their database and the on the world-wide web.

International Coalition For Drug Awareness:

A group dedicated to educating others about the dangers of many Rx medicines.The first link goes to an article archive; the second offers a Google search tool for finding information within the database and/or on the world-wide web.