Take advantage of warm summer weather to rehabilitate your back

For those who live in temperate climates, summer is the perfect time of year to re-engage in an appropriate outdoor exercise program to rehabilitate your back. Strong core body muscles, low impact aerobic exercises, and regular stretching are all key to keeping back pain at bay.

Most types of exercise can be done year round, but the smell of fresh air is usually better than the inside of your local gym. Sunlight and green grass are signs of encouragement to get out and make the best of a pleasant day. The warm weather also allows for access to exercise not available during the rest of the year.

Swimming & Water Therapy – Consider the summer a time to get out to your local lakes, rivers, and outdoor pools for swimming and water exercise, which tend to be especially gentle exercise for your joints and back. See Water Therapy Exercise Program.
Biking – For many with low back pain, biking is a good low impact form of exercise that is gentle on the lower back. See Bicycling and Back Pain.

It is especially important to stay hydrated when exercising in the summer. Drinking 1-2 cups of water per hour and wearing sun block will reduce the rate of water loss and replenish your fluid level while outside. Drink an additional 1-2 cups per hour if you are actively exercising, even if it is swimming. Water hydration is especially important for people with disc problems as intervertebral discs benefit from staying hydrated sufficiently.