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What a difference Dr. Berry has helped make! Came in with low back and hip pain – I haven’t felt this wonderful in 3 years! Rebekah 
He is amazing work he done on my back. Christopher 
I used to have constant shoulder and hip pain. Since going to Dr. Berry, the pain is gone as long as I am in alignment. He is very quick, kind, and efficient. Dr. Berry wants you to get better. He has been a blessing. Carla
I came to Atlas Chiropractic because I needed a chiropractor after my car accident. The traditional popping and cracking that goes along with most chiropractic made me very nervous, but quite a few people had recommended Dr. Berry because he is a low-impact chiropractor. My experience was amazing! No neck cracking! That alone would have kept me coming back. But the fact that after two weeks, I had no vertigo, no acid reflux, and no ringing in my ears was enough to ensure I’d be a lifelong patient of Dr. Berry. He is the only Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractor for miles around and he treats my whole family, even the kids! This is the guy you need to see! Pam 
Dr. Berry has been my (only) chiropractor for about 4 years and has consistently been able to use his skills and expertise to bring healing and health to my entire family with his practice. From seeing results and ultimately healing from my son’s asthma condition under his care, to my neck problems, and my mom, wife and daughter’s maintenance, he has proven to not only be a true professional and ‘know his business’, but also do it in a way that helps educate, showing his heart of a teacher. We LOVE our doc! Mark
I’ve been a patient at Atlas Chiropractic Care for 3 years. I’ve had an excellent experience each time I’ve been treated at Dr Berry’s office. The office has a, welcoming, relaxed atmosphere, from the inspirational music softly playing, to the hospitality, and caring of his assistant Pam, to the soothing therapies available after an adjustment.
Dr. Berry is very considerate of my complex health conditions, as he gently adjusts my spine. He spends as much time as necessary to be very thorough with my adjustments. He always listens to any concerns I have about my overall health, and makes thoughtful suggests to help me toward reaching my recovery goals.
Dr Berry has been successful at treating my painful, rare, connective- tissue disorder, Ehlers- Danlos Syndrome Hypermobility Type, which causes loose ligaments and joints, with multiple repeated subluxations. Dr Berry’s treatments have helped me walk again, as well as regain my ability to speak, each time I have a severe flare of the disorder.
I travel from several hours away each time I need to be treated at his office. It is more than worth it. I always feel like I am at home, while in the care of Dr. Berry. I know without Dr Berry’s compassionate, precision, care, I would not have been able to maintain the quality of life, that I have. I’m believing that in his care I will continue to see many health improvements, and have a fruitful life.
I highly recommend Dr. Berry, and Atlas Chiropractic, to all who need spine care, and that is everyone! I especially recommend him to those who have complex medical disorders, who are diligently seeking answers, and relief from pain.
Dr Berry is compassion toward his patients, and absolutely passionate about Chiropractic care, and seeing his patients health return. Take your entire family in for a visit . You will be blessed that you did! Trisha 
Dr. Berry is the best chiropractor! Treva 
I started seeing Dr. Berry because I had some upper and lower back pain and did not want to take any narcotics. After my first Atlas adjustment I immediately started to feel better. All the pain wasn’t completely gone, but my pain didn’t start in one day either. Now I am pretty much pain free after about 6 visits. After I started to feel better, I decided to bring my 7 year old, ADHD son in to see Dr. Berry and talk about whether chiropractic care could help him. Three atlas adjustments later, my son is now able to control his behavior better, attention span in longer, and is much easier to reign back in during an “outburst”.
My son and I will continue to see Dr. Berry for our care and highly recommend him to anyone that seeks alternatives to conventional medicine, does not get the relief they need, and/or to use in combination with conventional medicine.
Dr. Berry’s love for his work shows in the way he cares for his patients. Heather
I had pain in my back for years. I was uncomfortable, but I chose to ignore it because I didn’t think I could afford care and didn’t know how I felt about traditional chiropractors. I talked to Dr. Berry about my problems. He explained that his practice is different. He focuses on the atlas bone at the top of the spine. When it is out of alignment, it causes many problems throughout your body. I went to see him and he adjusted my atlas bone. No popping or cracking. No jerking the body. The results have been amazing. I am pain-free. On top of the healing I have experienced, Atlas Chiropractic is very affordable. I didn’t have insurance that covered my care and I am on a tight budget, but the office visits were very affordable. Dr. Berry is very kind and a great doctor. I highly recommend!! Benjamin
I started seeing Dr. Berry in October 2014 for treatment of chronic migraine headaches. I had the orthogonal adjustment one time and I’ve been holding the adjustment nicely..and I have gone from having weekly headaches to going two weeks or longer headache free (a miracle for me). His office receptionist, Pam, is so very sweet and I felt very comfortable in the office from the first visit! The atmosphere is great and love the Christian music! Dr Berry is very compassionate and is very sincere in helping people. I have been to other chiropractors that used more harsh methods of neck adjusting and I got to where I couldn’t tolerate it anymore (would rattle the heck out of me and make the headaches worse!) I stopped going to a chiropractor out of fear of the reactions I would have. I had heard about the orthogonal technique and Dr. Berry is the only one in this area that does it. It’s not invasive, hands free, and I believe it really helped me…and I had seen more than one neurologist and experimented with preventive medications that only gave me bad side effects. Please, please go see Dr. Berry if you suffer with headaches!! He’s economical and doesn’t believe in long term treatments plans. I live in Nacogdoches and it has been worth the drive for me to go see him. Shannon
My family absolutely LOVES Dr. Berry at Atlas Chiropractic. He has treated our family for many years and is truly one of the greatest!!! One of the coolest stories I have about receiving treatment from Dr. Berry is when we brought our son Jackson in to see him. Jackson had developed Asthma at a young age and for any parent dealing with kids who have asthma, it can be difficult at times. After seeing Dr. Berry, and telling him about Jackson’s situation, he told us that getting chiropractic care can be a major component to helping Jackson’s body heal from asthma. So, we started the process. One day we went in to see Dr. Berry because Jackson was having a asthma attack and coughing non-stop. He put Jackson on the examining table and examined him and knew that he needed to be adjusted. Here is the cool part. After 5 minutes of being adjusted, Jackson stopped coughing. It was amazing to witness and proved to me that Chiropractic Care does work and can make a huge difference in how we feel and how it aides our body in healing. Today, Jackson is completely Asthma free. I know that Dr. Berry played a huge role in Jackson’s life and helping his body heal. Thank you Dr. Berry. You are the best in East Texas!!! Alaina
He is very good about finding the root of the pain. Carrie
Dr. Berry is so caring and really wants to see people heal holistically. He is not in the field simply for the money or prestige. Allison
Very good experience here. Came in with numbness and pain in my right shoulder and my right hip. I am feeling so much better. Dr. Berry and staff are a pleasure to deal with. Thanks for all you do!! God Bless!! Tim!
Best chiropractic experience ever! It is painless and it works! Whenever I start getting migraines, I go get adjusted and they stop! As Dr. Berry says, “I just need to get my head on straight” Darlene
My back has never felt better. Thanks Dr. Berry for “getting my head on straight! Ben 
Dr. Berry and Pam make a great team. One auto accident, three babies and life had me a mess. Before Dr. Berry I was in constant pain. Now Dr. Berry keeps my head physically on straight, this in turn keeps me walking correctly, migraines much less often and joint pain at a much more manageable level. Many days I am pain free! The care and compassion of this office is amazing! Molly
I had never been to a chiropractor until I saw Dr. Berry, and I wasn’t even sure UCC would help with my low back and hip pain. I saw a major difference after my first visit. I would recommend anyone to come here! Thank you, Dr. Berry and Pam for offering these services! Rebekah
You are definitely an instrument of God to help bring healing to us all! Thanks for being obedient and pursuing exactly what He called you to do. By putting our bodies back into the place they were intended to be in the first place, our bodies can heal. Your office is peaceful and welcoming. Thanks for what you do!!!
Dr. Berry has made such a difference in my whole family. Our whole family comes to see Dr. Berry. First My 8 year old who had asthma, Dyslexia, and UTI very often. Since we came to Dr. Berry her asthma and the UTI have gone away. The Dyslexia is much, much better. I don’t know if it has gone away because it is very hard to tell what she is seeing, however her school work does come to her much easier. Then my older daughter had migraine headache and they are now gone. I had major ache and pains all though my back and now I don’t. Since coming to Dr. Berry our family health is so much better and It also changed the attitudes we seem to have. I guess since we feel better we are not as gripey. Thanks Dr. Berry! Angela
I had several questions for doctor. As he informed me of his method of brain to body communication, it all made sense. Lower back pain is gone since Dr Berry has been treating me. When you walk in the door, the environment is very friendly, loving and caring. Thank you Dr Berry!
Dr Berry explains the importance of upper cervical care for adults and children alike. The best thing you can do for your family and friends are to have them contact Dr Berry for a consultation and see how he can restore and improve their lives. Thanks Dr Berry for all you do.
I had an awful car accident and the left side of my body is full of Titanium. After many surgeries, injections, therapy, nerve damage and a bi-level cervical fusion, my only option I thought I had was more surgery. Dr. Berry has truly been a God send in my family’s life. I no longer take any medicine and wish I would have found him sooner – before any procedures had been done. He not only treats me, but I am thrilled to say my entire family is being treated as well! I strongly urge anyone and everyone to make an appointment with this truly blessed and talented Dr. Thank you can’t even begin to describe our gratitude!!!!
I have had problems since my car accident 27 years ago and tried everything from massage therapy to medications but those only eased the symptoms. He found what may be the problem and clearly explained the “brain to body” connection. He did not give me empty promises but explained to me that this is a process. It took many years to get to this point so I will need to be patient as the treatments take effect and begin to last. I can say for sure that I feel tons better after the few treatments so far. I have complete confidence that Dr. Berry will be able to correct my condition and completely restore my health. Also, my husband thinks his staff is the bomb!! Michele
Dr Berry cares for his patients while providing quality service. I would recommend him to anyone.
Dr. Berry is indeed a true champion in my heart and has been a great help for my health and wellness. He has brought my functionality back in my life to the norm which for some of us nowadays is really even hard to find. And to be here right at the heart Texas in Longview, is a true gift to attain for me in many years I have been looking for a cure to my ailments. Thank you Dr. Berry for the 5-Star Treatment and I recommend anybody needing therapy and the perfect solution to come to Dr. Berry’s care. God bless. Michele
Since I’ve been seeing Dr. Berry, my lifelong irritation of ringing in my ears is gone, my Vertigo which I’ve had over 10 years is gone, and my acid reflux is gone. I understand everyone is different, but I gotta tell you, I’m a believer!